Oneka Willabus Simmons, is a certified doctor of naturopath. She has a Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science, is a certified Vegan chef, certified in most group fitness classes and an AFAA certified advanced personal trainer.  She is also the owner and developer of the Exotic Curl, a patented braid style she developed over 18 years ago that is a protective style for a woman who cares about and encourages healthy natural hair. She has since trained a few ladies who are accomplishing this style. Since the beginning of her college career, she began looking into learning about a natural lifestyle. Also, while raising her boys, she grew tired of running one of her children to the emergency room every month to get steroid shots for his asthma. At this time, Oneka started trying different natural remedies to help her family. Starting with removing all dairy and weeks later, all meat out of their lives, her son's asthma became better and since then, she sought more training to enable her to now help others to heal themselves through food, herbs and other alternative modalities. 

A doctor of naturopath lives by the fact that our body was made to heal itself and using food as medicine. We do not diagnose, prescribe for ailments, we use non invasive testing to see what stress your organs are under. When conducting these tests, we are getting general background information and speaking about food combining and other ways to live a more healthy life where one is helping the body, not destroying it.  After these tests are calculated, a detailed form is written up explaining all that was seen and what issues are pressing at this time. Then through either detox, food diet changes, herbal teas or other modalities, we work on getting the body working correctly. A person might need more than one or two visits, but that is not known until we understand what the issues and stresses on the body are.

Ph testing is a very important test that can tell how your kidney, liver, pancreas, gallbladder and stomach is operating. It can also tell a lot about your absorption and digestion issues. The test is done by a urinalysis and saliva ph testing.  Next, the blood pressure is taken, and depending on the numbers, imbalances can be shown.  Through facial analysis, we can see what organs are stressed. Our bodies are living, working machines, and when our organs are stressed it can be shown through one of our biggest organs, the skin.

Depending on what was found in the testing, If a specific diet is needed, Oneka can aid in making a meal plan in accordance with what is needed for optimal health and in other instances, as a certified Vegan chef,  she can make these meals for you. 

Oneka can also administer the footbath detox, the ionic footbath detox, is an non invasive modality that can take the impurities, toxins and metals out of the pores of your feet by soaking them in a salt bath while introducing a very small, imperceptible electrical charge. The water changes colors and depending on what color the water changes, we can figure out what organ of your body is detoxifying and in turn work to de stress that organ. The process takes about 40 minutes in totality, with 10 minutes of filling out paperwork and discussion.

Oneka is always taking different classes in holistic living and nutrition and has a depth of knowledge she is ready to share.  She is currently enrolled in a Vegan Mastery certification, which shows how to make sure you know how to get all nutrients from a Vegan diet and be healthy and nourished. She is also in a gut rebuilding class which is showing how to detox your toxic gut and get your immune system (which 80% of it is in our gut) running smoothly and at an optimal level.

Oneka is ready and willing to meet with you to get your bodies healing themselves and using food as medicine.

Detoxing is important to get our bodies in check, and charge them back up.  The same detox is not recommended to everyone, it's important to get the assessment done so we can come up with what is best for you as an individual. Detoxes can begin with just drinking more water, maybe adding some lemon, maybe juicing, maybe herbal teas, etc. however, before that is decided, we have to know where to start so your body does not go into shock. When a program is reached, Oneka can help with the teas and juices to aid in replenishing the nutrients needed to allow our bodies to heal itself.

Why Detox?  Detoxification is important to get our bodies in check and charge them back up. Our detoxification regimens are tailored to your specific needs. Whether you are feeling fatigued, tired, irritated, sluggish, heavy, always getting sick, or it's just that time of year, detoxing  is probably the answer. 

How to Detox?  Detoxification begins with an assessment of your body. Based on the findings, our Doctor of Naturopath makes recommendations which could be as simple as just drinking more water or simply adding lemon to it.  Other recommendations range from juicing to using herbal teas. A detox program is designed to help you remove toxins from your body as well as replenish it with the nutrients you need to heal yourself.

When to Detox?  It is recommended to detox your organs atleast once a year. Our organs work so hard to keep our bodies working efficiently, but with the foods we feed our bodies, the exercise we don't treat our bodies to and environmental issues, our bodies need rejuvenation to work effortlessly and in optimal form. That's what detox does, from taking small steps to a healthier lifestyle, our bodies remember how it needs to operate, which will in turn build our immune system. If our immune system isn't working correctly, all other organs are not going to work correctly also. 

Doctor of Naturopath is available on selected Tuesdays at Serenity Life Wellness, Roswell: To schedule in Decatur, contact us via the contact page email.

Oneka Willabus Simmons, ND Biography

Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine. Certified Vegan Chef. AFAA Advanced Certified Personal Trainer. Innovative Visionary in Natural Lifestyle Choices.

Oneka Willabus Simmons, ND, serves the Atlanta area as a leader in natural lifestyles through alternative and preventative measures. As a certified Doctor of Naturopath, she aims to help patients heal themselves by using food as medicine.  Her journey into a natural lifestyle began while in college earning a BS in Exercise Science. She developed and patented a protective braiding style, Exotic Curl, over 18 years ago to help women achieve healthy, natural hair.

As a mother, she decided to seek natural solutions to her son’s asthma and to alleviate emergency room visits for monthly steroid shots. Her natural remedies to heal her family started when she removed dairy then meat from their diets. She found that her son’s asthma improved.  With advanced training and certification in natural healing modalities, she now helps others heal themselves through food, herbs, and other alternative means.

She is currently enrolled in a Vegan Mastery certification, which teaches how to ensure total nutrition in a Vegan diet. Oneka is also in a gut rebuilding class which shows how to rebuild a toxic gut and get your immune system (which 80% of it is in our gut) running smoothly and at an optimal level.

Oneka is a lifelong learner of holistic living practices and nutrition. She has a depth of knowledge she is ready to share.

What is a Doctor of Naturopath?

A Doctor of Naturopath lives by the fact that our bodies are made to heal themselves and that food is medicine. They do not diagnose illness or prescribe for ailments but instead use non- invasive testing to see what stress your organs are experiencing. You will receive a formal write-up of your assessment results. The Doctor of Naturopath then makes recommendations about food combining and other ways to address your body’s specific needs based on your results. In discussing what “healthy” means for your body, you will learn about how to help your body heal itself instead of destroy it. 

Then through detoxification, food/diet changes, herbal teas, and/or other modalities, your body can start to function optimally. Some people need more than one or two visits, but that is not determined until the assessment is complete.

What is the “assessment”? The assessment consists of non-invasive pH testing, blood pressure study, and facial analysis. Acidity in your kidneys, liver, pancreas, gall bladder, and stomach influence their functionality. Through various pH tests (urinalysis and saliva), the Doctor of Naturopath learns about your absorption and digestion issues. Additionally, the Doctor of Naturopath records and observes your blood pressure, which serves as an indicator of imbalances in your body. Through facial analysis, additional information is gained to determine which of your organs are stressed. Our bodies are living, working machines, and when our organs are stressed, it can often be seen in our biggest organ—skin!

What happens in the review of the assessment? Depending on the findings, the Doctor of Naturopath makes tailored recommendations for you! This could range from simple suggestions like drinking more water and following a nutrition plan to more involved recommendations involving other modalities like supplementation, foot detox, massage, etc. Keep in mind that if you do need a specific meal plan for optimal health, our Doctor of Naturopath will coach you on how to make it adaptable to your life. If you are too busy, our Certified Chef can actually make the meals for you!

What is foot detox? The Ionic footbath detox is a non- invasive modality that can take the impurities, toxins, and metals out of your body through the pores of your feet. The Ionic cleanse involves soaking your feet in a saltwater bath while introducing a very small, imperceptible electrical charge. A ionic footbath will displace toxins out of the lymph, mostly through the immune system and the kidneys. However, some of these toxins will also come out in the bath water.

The detailed nature of the organic toxins that are liberated by the feet into the bath water will depend on the individual taking the bath, as well as on the various minerals that occur naturally in the starting water for the footbath.

Although it can happen that for some users, the bath water will change color during the bath, this color change is not as significant in the case of the Sea-Onic footbath.

Indeed, the surface properties of the Sea-Onic array have been carefully selected to optimize the functioning of the Sea-Onic concentrate in releasing the most toxins, independently of the color. Further, the concentrate positions the toxins to leave the body either directly into the footbath water, or into the immune system for disposal.

Here, the improvements that the Sea-Onic footbath offers will be observed by users who take regular footbaths, over a period of weeks and months, and will not show up in any special way in the footbath water color.

As toxins are pulled from your organs, the water changes colors based on the types of impurities being removed. The process takes 30 to 40 minutes.