Food as Medicine

To effectively heal any ailment one must change why you eat, what you eat, how you eat and how much you eat. A person’s diet is essential in health. People are habit forming beings, so factors that determine one’s diet are cultural, ethnic, psychological access to food and environmental. When a person is ready to heal, food vitality will be most important part in the healing and healthy maintenance process. Biologically the body needs essential minerals and nutrients for full operation of the metabolic and digestive systems.  Electrically, a healthy diet raises the vibrational frequencies of the body’s organs, tissues and cells which boost the immune and nervous systems.  Chemically in conjunction with holistic thought patterns, medicinal food supplies the body with oxygen, nutrients and amino acids for building proteins which are necessary for all cellular functions, emotional health and psychological well being.

The major culprit in today’s world is sugar, especially in the children. Many chronic sinus congestion is a result of excessive sugar intake.  Sugar has a paralytic effect, which means when taken into the body, the phagocytic white blood cells become paralyzed for about four hours, therefore disabling the immune cells that ingest and kill bacteria.  So the more sugar the body intakes, the greater the chances for infectious organisms to have access to the tissues and organs of the body.

The next major culprit is contaminated and nutrient deficient food.  When the body takes in pesticides, toxins and nutrient deficient foods, it requires a greater amount of energy to break down and eliminate the contaminants to get to the little nutrients that are left due to processing and over cooking.

The bottom line is, WE ARE POISONING OURSELVES! When the body is overloaded with toxins and food particles that are not able to break down, they turn into waste products in the blood stream.  These waste products which are not properly excreted from the body settles in the body’s fat cells and key organs, leading us to ailments like fibroid tumors, obesity, liver disease, kidney disease, inflammatory diseases, cancer and others.

So in conclusion, I am not trying to turn everyone vegan, as my family and I are, but to encourage all to make better choices. Replacing some meals here and there can help a great deal if exercise, regular meditation and detoxing the body periodically are added to the equation. It is time to stop the diets and EnVysion the Future! Begin the life changing task of looking and feeling as if you are in heaven!