Kangen water is more easily absorbed than other water because the clusters are smaller. It helps clean the body while providing balance to the immune system. Kangen water also burns fat and fights against the effects of aging. Many people report that the daily use water also helps the digestive system. 

Our body MUST maintain the ph of 7.365, modern diets are too acidic to allow the body to do this without leaching calcium from our bones (the real reason behind osteoporosis, not because a person does not drink milk) and/or magnesium from our muscles. This combination of over-acidity, calcium deficiency, and muscle weakness can have catastrophic effects on our body's ability to keep itself healthy. Becasue of the acid-causing diet choices a lot of people make: meat, cheese, dairy, sugar, coffee, alcohol, soda, eggs and bread; our bodies are on average, very acidic. Bacteria, fungi, yeast and in short, all disease causing organisms love acid. In fact, NOT A ONE OF THEM CAN SURVIVE IN AN ALKALINE ENVIRONMENT!!

When you drink the Kangen water, you will be more effectively hydrating your organs so that they will function better. As you increase your hydration, you will find that waste is passed from your body more effectively. As your colon releases the toxic waste,  your body will become healthier, function better and life will become more rewarding. 

Next, the increased hydration, due to micro-clustering of the molecules and then ionic charge, will work on your blood. This process will rid your body of harmful, health-robbing oxidizers and aid in increasing your health and vitality. Your body will become more resistant to attacks from germs and bacteria, increasing your energy level.

The Kangen water has a clean, crisp taste and it will quickly become your favorite beverage!