Vegan is defined as foods without any meat or dairy, no animal by products, what so ever. Vegan foods are a way of maintaining a healthy, holistic, natural lifestyle. It has been proven in many different studies to reverse many diseases and bring the body back to being able to heal itself, as it was made to do. Vegan food can be very tasty and is filling, it just has to be cooked correctly, with the help of different seasonings and spices, and a loving touch, you will be amazed how vegan food tastes and feels in the body!

Vegan Cooking Classes (varies depending on what is on the menu, $75 to $100)

In the vegan cooking classes, I welcome all; people are ready to change over to a healthier lifestyle, people hoping to just do better and people that are just interested in being able to cook a wide variety of foods. The cooking class consists of a small introduction about the types of nutrients needed in the body and how we can get them. We quickly move on to the preparation and cooking (if applicable) of the foods; a breakfast item, snack, lunch, dinner and dessert is always handed out courtesy of Majestic Desserts. At the conclusion of class, the participants will have helped cook and taste all foods and most times have some to take home. They will also leave with a recipe book enclosing all the dishes that were prepared.

Personal Chef for an Evening ($60 an hour plus travel) 2 hr minimum

Conducted in your home, I will come out and prepare a meal for you and your family. You will be able to look on and help out if you would like.

Personal Cooking Lessons ($45 an hour) 2 hr minimum

Conducted in my facility

Meal Plans (costs vary according to person)

Meals provided to you, per day or per week, raw or cooked.


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